Company presentation

Filtra has developed a revolutionary industrial dust extraction technology in cooperation with the University of Oulu. It gives significant cost reduction compared to current state-of-the-art solutions (e.g. DUSTCOMB vs bag filters). It offers excellent cost-efficiency ratio, retrofitting compatibility, wide operating temperature up to 1000 Celsius, and low maintenance costs. The major market potential is in coking plants, steel industry, flue gas cleaning in power plants, and small versions are suitable for household ventilation cabinets for HEPA-level cleaning. The unit can also make domestic wood burning stoves compliant with the new EU ambient air quality directive.

Use Cases / Market Validation

PILOT PLANT: under construction at a large steel factory. EUROPEAN COMMISSION: we received €1.5 million grant in 2018. Steel mill’s coking plants: typical coking plant has 12 dust cyclones and those can be replaced with Dustcomb units. The total saving potential is hundreds of millions in the 400 coking plants. Metal processing plants: there are around 6000 metal processing plants globally. Dustcomb can help these plants to achieve the same dust extraction result in reasonably less of the current investment and maintenance cost. Market validation 2-3 billion euro.

Nearly 40% of the world’s steel plants still do not have any advanced pollution control equipment. Current filters all operate at low temperatures (180°C) and are incapable of cleaning PM from very hot (~1000°C) flue gases wasting energy that could be recovered.

Dustcomb is an innovative concept based on airflow technology that differs from conventional methods (e.g. filtering, cyclones) and vastly exceeds the current Best Available Technology level.

Revenue Model
Direct sales. Dustcomb is highly competitive compared to the current technology in use (bag filters, ESP, etc.). Additional income is a maintenance, which is required every 5 years. Units can later be built in sea containers and leased to plants.

Market Opportunity:
Including the global steelmaking, the total market for Filtra systems is over 200 000 industrial units. In addition, EU Medium Combustion Plants Directive affects around 143 000 plants in the EU. Globally significantly more.

Competitive Advantage
Low investment costs – significantly lower than with current solutions. Low maintenance costs – even more significant savings in maintenance cost and fewer malfunctions means investment costs are paid back from much lower maintenance costs. We can also easily retrofit old plants.