Engineer Veikko Valli from Rautaruukki Engineering was tasked to maintain Rautaruukki coking plant during the 1990s and wondered why the dust from the dry quenching process ended up in the boiler’s heat exchangers. Dust clogged the heat exchangers in a few years and caused repair. The reason was found to be a bad performance of the dust trap. A better idea was drafted, and Professor Pekka Mäntylä from the University of Oulu joined the team in order to do flow simulations using a computer. The results of the simulation showed that the proposed design of the new device would give an excellent cleaning level with a reasonable pressure drop.

Filtra Group Oy was founded in 2010 to develop and commercialize the innovation, and at the same time, the company began designing and manufacturing a pilot unit for the SSAB coking plant. Filtra Group Oy received a grant from the European Commission for the construction of a dust removal testing line at the Kerttu Saalasti Institute of the University of Oulu and continued flow simulation calculations. A dust collector based on 3D technology (3D – Additive Manufacturing) achieved an excellent cleaning rate. The target is to exceed the purification level of ESP.

Second, the much bigger grant was received in fall 2018 with record high evaluation scores 14,62/15 (all-time high score). The goal is to complete the product design and build a full-scale production pilot plant at the coking plant and start marketing. Recently the new type of dust collector received over 99% purification rate with coke dust at our test line. An extensive global market analysis was already carried out with the previous funding of the European Commission. It indicated that the potential global market volume for advanced dust removal is very large.

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