Instead of filtering gases, our equipment uses flow principles to separate dust from gas. It is especially suitable in applications where gas temperatures are very high, up to 1000 Celsius, where typical Teflon-based filters cannot operate anymore.

High flue gas temperatures can also be found from flue gas of domestic burners, such as fireplaces, stoves, and ovens. Our innovation is based on fluid dynamics, familiar from airplane wings where gas flow attaches on curving surfaces.

The manufacturing industry is one of the biggest air polluters, which is why the sector needs to tackle the issue by more effective and accessible industrial dust extraction solutions. Priority applications are coking plants in steel factories, blast furnaces, and steel smelter plants. However, the largest industrial potential for the equipment is in fossil fuel power plants.

Small-scale versions of the equipment are also suitable for cleaning household air by replacing the ventilation unit’s fan with a small DustComb module. This version can achieve HEPA–level filtering by removing all particulates with size greater than or equal to 2.5 µm. The unit can also make domestic wood burning stoves compliant with the new EU ambient air quality directive.


Product versions
Dustcomb Cone: Process industry gas dust filtering
Dustcomb Nozzle: Sorting granulates
Dustcomb cyclone: cleaning gases in industry
Dustcomb Venturi: Micro particulate filtering in industry
Dustcomb Mobile: Built in a sea container
Dustcomb Separator: Domestic air applications, HVAC


Comparison chart between Filtra Dustcomb and other devices